Our Process

The Artisan approach

1) Initial Site Visit:

This is the first step in the process. We will meet at your home or on the job site, and do a room to room walk through. During this time we may discuss some design ideas or, if need be, recommend an architect suitable for the position. Most importantly this time will be used to listen to your needs and your vision.

2) Follow Up Site Visit:

Assembled by Back Bay Design, a team of talented subcontractors (electrical, plumbing, masonry, painting, demolition etc.), will congregate at the site for a walk-through. Subsequently each subcontractor will draw up an estimate for the scope of your project.

3) Preliminary Estimate:

At this point in time we hope to have enough detail about the scope of the project (based on design ideas, overall finishes or architectural drawings) to provide you with an informed estimate of the overall costs associated with your project.

Third Site Visit:

If the preliminary estimate is higher than your budget we will sit down and help you analyze your “needs” and “wants” in order to make the project work for you. We will help you determine priorities, explore less expensive materials and offer other cost cutting measures in order to help meet your needs.

4) Detailed Estimate:

After collaborating and coming up with the best possible plan for your project, Back Bay Design will provide a detailed and accurate estimate.

5) Contract:

Once you chose to work with Back Bay Design we will enter into contract. Contact Us »