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Built in the mid-late 1800’s this five–story Boston South End historic row house is being completely gutted and re-constructed by Back Bay Design, keeping only the existing stairway, old doors and exterior structure intact. The end result will be a modernized home with architectural elements true to the original style of the building. The new home will consist of 3 new bedrooms, 3.5 luxurious bathrooms, a chef’s kitchen and a top floor master suite with private office, sitting room and walk-in closet.

Back Bay Design has worked extensively with the client designing the space and ways to maximize function and usability. Back Bay Design has also been working closely with the historical landmark committee to replicate shutters, window grates and stair railings. Custom doors, moldings and casings will also be made, staying true to the style of the late 19th century. New plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems will be added to maximize space without taking away from the home’s original architectural details. The unfinished basement will be transformed into additional luxury living space, creating a 4000 square foot home.