Magnolia Project

Boston, Back bay- This 1850 brownstone was a rare opportunity to renovate 3,100 square feet of living space located all on one floor. In the 1980’s this single family 18,000 square foot elegant home was converted into 4 individual residences. The 1980 conversion stripped the home of all its character and elegance leaving each unit with a bare “new construction” flare. This is where Back Bay Designs creative talents shine. A project full of promise and vision; to restore architectural elements true to the original style of the home. The home was therefore completely gutted down to the bolts and re-constructed to contain elaborate woodworking and detail.

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Extensive and innovative design planning took place before the project commenced to assure for success. Special attention and time was spent with the client collaborating their wants with their visions and how to create a rich, elegant space, while meeting their present day needs. With young children and the desire to entertain, the need for an open floor plan became apparent. Therefore, upon consent, the abutting neighbors plumbing was relocated in the ceiling to raise the ceiling height by 2 feet.

The extensive renovation required a complete overhaul of the plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems. Innovative ideas were essential to assure that the systems were installed to maximize space and ceiling height while not taking away from architectural detail. Truly an art of combining new elements with old.

Located on one of the premiere street in Boston, relations with neighbors and the building association, permits for parking and the hoisting of material had to be meticulously planned out to ensure the project would continue to run smoothly and on time.